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    HP Billing Services, LLC motto is: 'more time for your patients and the rest of your life.' We specialize in medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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  • Health Professionals

    We serve a variety of health professionals with medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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Welcome to HP Billing Services

HP Billing Services, LLC is a FULL SERVICE medical claims billing solution offering many services dedicated to improving the cash flow of your practice.  Our goal is to support medical health professionals in their very important patient work.  Our focus is to support your practice!

Your time is important.  You have many patients needing your valuable expertise.  Yet too much paperwork to do; phone calls, e-mails, and even text messages to return; and only 24 hours in a day.  What time is left to do your own medical claims processing?  Yes, there are many software products you can buy, but that means having to do all the data entry and management of your accounts yourself (and dealing with insurance companies).  This work takes valuable time away from the important work of meeting with your patients.

HP Billing Services, LLC is here to give you time for the rest of your life and your valuable practice.   Our services are focused on medical health professionals working in outpatient settings such as: 

·         Psychiatrists

·         Neurologists

·         Psychologists

·         Psychiatric nurse practitioners

·         Social workers

·         Licensed professional counselors

·         Licensed marriage and family therapists

·         Substance abuse counselors, and

·         All other masters level mental health professionals

In addition, we serve medical health professionals working in outpatient settings with the challenging work of medical claims billing:

·         Medical nurse practitioners

·         Physical therapists

·         Occupational therapists

·         Speech pathologists

·         Chiropractors

We submit our medical claims electronically, which means your claims are processed and paid much faster, as compared to filing paper claims, which are usually put on the bottom of the insurance company list.  Electronic submission of your medical claims can mean payment is within 21 days as opposed to months for mailed paper claims.

At HP Billing Services, LLC you are given a personal billing specialist to do your claims billing.   Many of the big billing services use a car manufacturing approach to medical claims billing meaning one person verifies the claims, another person enters the charges, another person posts the payments, and yet another person sends out the statements.  With us, one person is in charge of your practice, monitors your collections, takes care of all your patients and their accounts, and deals with the insurance companies for you.  Your practice will not fall “between the cracks” with our dedicated medical claims billing practice as we are dedicated to your success.  We are here to support you in the front lines of the medical health field, which helps you keep the focus on what is important—your work—and the rest of your life.

Our goal is to achieve as close to 100% of your collections as possible, whether from insurance companies, or individual patients.  We follow up on mailed patient statements, do “soft” collections on accounts not current for 60 days from the first date of service, and every month thereafter while the patient is working with you.  This means we will send patient statements with your attached personal notes for payment, and will follow up with a phone call after the statements are sent to best ensure payment for the first 60 days.  (As an additional service we offer a collection service for accounts past 60 days after termination for patients who have maintained a long-term debt.)  We go the full distance for the success of your practice as your medical claims billing support.  For more information about our additional collection service refer to our Additional Administrative Services.  Learn more.

Know we will not force your practice into any mold, but are dedicated to your work, dedicated to your highest reimbursement levels.   Your designated billing specialist will talk to your patients directly about their account, and we will work to maintain your accounts accurately.  Feel free to have your patients give us a call and we will follow up, without you having to remind us, repeatedly call us, or otherwise hound us, to properly manage your client accounts.

You can trust us to assist you in proper coding and timely processing of your claims to various insurance companies.  Your patients will get the best of service, and you will experience the highest reimbursement level ever!!!  No more hoping to get paid.  No more thinking if only you got the paperwork done you might get paid!  We support your most valuable work for patients.  You did not go to graduate school to do paperwork.  You achieved and received your training because you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  We are here to support your work!!!

More information about our medical claims billing service.  Learn more.

Thank you for your interest in HP Billing Services, LLC.  We are here to be of service to you on the front lines of the medical health field supporting the work you do as a dedicated medical health professional.  Much paperwork, and other demands, takes away from the valuable work of helping patients find healing, improvement, and health in their lives.  We are here to serve your practice with our billing service.  Learn more.  Contact Us.

HP Billing Services, LLC

400 Evergreen Blvd.

Suite 322D

Vancouver, WA 98660

Fax: 971.275.1223

Phone: 971.200.4675/877.567.6367


Business mailing address:

P. O. Box 19929

Portland,  OR 97280