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    HP Billing Services, LLC motto is: 'more time for your patients and the rest of your life.' We specialize in medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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    We serve a variety of health professionals with medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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Medical Claims Billing Services
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    How our service works for your practice:

    1. We do the upfront work. Before you schedule the first appointment with your new patient have them complete our Insurance Information form, make a copy of their insurance card, front and back, and then have them send to us by confidential fax. Or you can collect this information from your new patient and send to us by confidential fax.

    2. We then check benefits and eligibility and discuss with a potential new patient how their plan works and discern if they are willing to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses under their plan. For example, is the potential new patient willing to pay their deductible at the time of service with you as their provider? Are they willing to pay the co-insurance or the co-pay?

    In today’s world of more out-of-pocket medical expenses for patients many people are balking at paying what their plan requires. This has meant for many medical health professionals the reality of NOT getting paid for their valuable work later when the patient is billed. The reason for this is many people do not realize when they took a less expensive plan with a lower monthly premium it meant a higher deductible, co-insurance, co-pay, and perhaps limited appointments.

    We at HP Billing Services, LLC believe this first step is crucial in helping medical health providers receive full compensation for their work. The medical health care industry is in crisis, as many people are clinging to the old days when insurance “paid for most of everything”. Our dedication to your practice informs you of potential financial risks so you can plan accordingly. Professional treatment is most effective when the financial aspects are agreed upon between provider and patient. It is not good for professional effectiveness to have unhappy patients refusing to pay their bill. It is also discouraging for you as a provider to not get paid for your valuable work; therefore, we work to get a good financial agreement between you and your potential patient before the work begins.

    Please note if a potential person becomes a patient this service is included in our comprehensive package. However, if we discern, and you concur, a potential new patient is unwilling to pay their share of the expenses, therefore, you will not commence work, we charge an administrative fee for our research and communication time. Our Additional Administrative Services provide this extra level of support. Learn more.

    We do the work of figuring out the financial aspects of potential new patients instead of you doing it yourself. It is money well spent to avoid potential patients who will eventually decide to not pay their financial obligations. How much valuable time is spent each year caring for patients who ultimately decide they are unwilling to pay their out-of-pocket expenses? Why write off these losses if they can be avoided?

    Many medical health providers today are either spending loads of time figuring out a patient’s insurance, before work commences, or they simply schedule the first appointment and find out later no payment for their very valuable work. Our focus on support for your practice helps to minimize and prevent poor financial outcomes as much as possible. There will always be people who do not pay their bill and we work to minimize this outcome as much as possible.

    3. We then contact the provider, by confidential fax, benefits and eligibility information regarding potential new patients. As mentioned above, in addition to providing insurance information we will inform you if a potential new patient understands their plan and is willing to meet their portion of the financial cost as set forth by their insurance plan. It is important to remember that verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment by the insurance company.

    4. Coordinate with new patient precertification/preauthorization requirements of their insurance plan. We make sure, before you start work, that a precertification or preauthorization has been done. Not getting this done BEFORE the work begins usually means the medical health professional does not get paid for their valuable work. We work to prevent this outcome by making sure this step is completed when needed.

    5. Next, we create an account for your new patient containing all demographic information, contact information, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc. We then provide a monthly report listing this information for all your accounts. You can then reach for one report when needing a patient’s telephone number, or e-mail address. Use this report to update your own address book, or have your staff enter the data into your contact system.

    6. Complete the log sheet with current patient activity and send to us by confidential fax. Make sure all payment information is included so patients are not invoiced later for money not owed.

    7. We then submit your claims electronically for each date of service. Electronic submission, versus mailed claims, greatly increases the rate of your payments. However, with some plans this is not possible, however, we will do the work necessary to submit your claims electronically.

    8. Provider receives insurance payments along with the Explanation of Benefits and sends information to HP Billing Services, LLC. When you receive the Explanation of Benefits form that accompanies your checks please send to us by confidential fax. Make sure you also include the checks along with the EOBs. Having both a faxed copy of the check and the EOB helps us to insure all information is posted to your accounts.

    We also encourage you to make a copy of the checks for your own banking information. For example, a copy of the check is helpful when the bank has not received a particular check as part of your deposit, yet you included that check in the deposit. With so much fraud and identity theft banks are continually pressured by people engaging in white-collar crime who “claim” a check was in their deposit, when it was not. They are hoping to get “provisional credit” from the bank to spend on what they wish. If you fax the check and the EOB to us we will have this information on hand for your retrieval if needed. You never know when the bank may need the routing number on one of your checks.

    9. Claims follow up and investigation. When we receive your EOBs we will contact the insurance company regarding any denied claims, or anything unusual in the processing. This service is part of our comprehensive package, so no need to ask. It is our dedication to your practice to get reimbursement level as close to 100% as possible.

    Once again, what we hear from providers is billers say they will call the insurance company for you, but rarely do so. We will inform you quickly on why certain dates of service are not being paid and advise you appropriately.

    Keeping on top of claims processing difficulties means you can inform your patients of a problem in a timely manner, rather than informing them months down the road when they may be less than willing to pay their owed amount. Many times medical health professionals continue to work with a patient not knowing their coverage has lapsed, or some other insurance company requirement is preventing payment, only to find out later they receive no payment from either the insurance company or the patient. Let us help you prevent this outcome as much as possible.

    10. After all charges and payments are entered into our system for your accounts, when there is a balance due an invoice is mailed to your patients,or any person designated as a responsible party for payment.

    Monthly statements, when the provider owes a patient a refund, are faxed to you for review. Review the statements for accuracy, to best determine if the refund amount is accurate. Keeping patient accounts accurate gives them a sense you are a medical health professional they can trust.

    Accurate statements also help to prevent potential law suits or complaints to professional boards about your financial practices. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

    11. Monthly provider reports are created. Once a month you will receive: an aging report, a revenue report, and a managed care authorization report.

    If you wish, in addition we can send a copy of all patient statements for your review prior to mailing for no additional cost. This gives you the opportunity to review the information we have received. Check to see if all dates of service have been billed. Are all patient payments at the time of service included in the statement?

    Accurate statements with a balance due amount are more likely to be paid. Many times providers get busy, their focus being on the professional work, and they make errors in their medical claims billing submission. We work with you to get the information entering our billing system as accurate as possible. This is a helpful factor in getting reimbursement levels as close to 100% as possible.

    12. HP Billing Services, LLC does “soft” collection. After patient work has started and the first patient statement with an amount owed is due, usually within 30 days of the first date of service, if this amount goes unpaid we will call the patient and, with professional tact, ask them to pay their bill. If you wish you can give us personal notes to attach to the monthly patient statements. Just fax to us the message to be hand-written on your statements and we will do the rest. We will provide this service for each month the patient is contracting with your medical health practice. Contact with patients up to 60 days, or two monthly statements, after work is completed or terminated, is included in our comprehensive service as “soft” collection.

    Please note that the Additional Collection Service is only needed for the difficult, hard to collect accounts. If your regular patients continue to pay the amount owed on their monthly statement after work has terminated this service is included in our regular comprehensive service, even though it may take months for their accounts to be paid.

    However, for accounts remaining unpaid after 60 days, or two months of monthly statements of our soft collection efforts after work has completed or terminated, we provide an Additional Collection Service which is charged based on the owed amount. Usually these are accounts with a consistent long-term debt.

    The advantage of utilizing this additional collection service is your patients never get turned over to an “official” collection company, creating potential professional problems as patients may get offended and begin to look for complaints against your work. From the perspective of your patients your billing service continues to contact them for payment after work is completed. Many medical health professionals lose much revenue due to their fear of offending patients who have either decided they do not want to pay their bill, or they do not wish to do so.

    Also medical health professionals are looking for ways to avoid lawsuits and complaints to professional boards, they simply write off patient accounts, losing much financial resources every year. As we know, there is a subset of patients who may create unnecessary professional problems, when services have been given with integrity and honor, with the hope of intimidating a medical health professional from pursuing payment on amounts owed. In short, they hope their threats will frighten you into writing off their amount due, their debt to your practice for excellent work. Your practice may even end up paying their deductible because it was not collected either at the time of service (preferred) or through monthly billing statements.

    Stop giving into actual threats against your excellent work, or even the fear of a threat, if you pursue payment on a long-term debt. No longer fear you will have to pay for such action with an unnecessary professional problem. You have provided excellent work and deserve payment for that work.

    However, if a patient has been harmed in some way from your practice this needs to be handled properly and in order, but not as a part of debt collection. Asking for payment should not trigger professional problems simply because patients do not want to pay for your work. We will work with you to minimize this exposure, while helping your practice reach as close to 100% of reimbursement as possible.

    For patients who have a consistent amount due on their account our Additional Collection Service continues the experience of our “soft” collections approach from your billing service, versus the outside “official” collection service experience. In short, these patients do not know their account has been turned over to a collection agency, because we are doing the hard work for you with less exposure to preventable complications. Stop writing off unnecessary financial losses and give us the opportunity to continue serving your practice after a patient terminates, or completes professional work with your practice and leaves a consistent, unpaid debt. For more information refer to our Additional Services page. Learn more.

    13. Coordinate patient and payment plan requirements. For difficult situations we will work with your patients to create a payment plan to help them gradually pay down their balance due amount. An effective payment plan can mean payment for your services versus no payment.

    14. Great communication with our providers. Feel free to give us a call about any need you have. Remember we are here to support your professional work. Just let us know how we can serve you better, what additional support we can provide!

    We are not like many billing services who just want to enter the claims and get paid with little interaction with their providers. We will not quietly resent your requests for information and support. For example, if you wish to better understand a patient’s insurance information just call. All communication and requests from our providers are done on a timely basis. The frustration we hear from providers is their billers do not respond to their requests, and sometimes rarely get back to them. You will not have to nag. We are here to support you.

    Billing for our services is done monthly. Please make payment within 30 days of billing. Thanks.

    15. HP Billing Services, LLC also provides Practice Management services working to streamline your practice, making it more efficient, meaning more focus on your work, yielding more time for the rest of your life. We can also work with you to create a new website to bring in more high-quality business. Get the practice meeting your professional goals. Stand out now for potential new patients. Learn more.

    16. Additional Administrative services:

    For more information on Additional Administrative Services designed to save you time for your practice, and your life, learn more here. Learn more.

    Thank you for your interest in HP Billing Services, LLC. We are here to serve you on the front lines of the medical health field supporting your work as a dedicated medical health professional. Much paperwork, and other demands, takes away from the valuable work of helping patients find healing, improvement, and health in their lives. Learn more about our Medical Claims Services. Contact us.

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