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    HP Billing Services, LLC motto is: 'more time for your patients and the rest of your life.' We specialize in medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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    We serve a variety of health professionals with medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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Medical Claims Billing Services
  • Medical Claims Billing Services

    HP Billing Services, LLC provides full service medical claims billing support for your practice.  Unlike many billing services who only submit your claims when they get around to it, and maybe post your payments, provide no patient statements, provide no provider reports, and have no interest in calling the insurance companies regarding your denied claims unless you nag them, we go the full distance.  Our comprehensive service includes:

    ·         Create and maintain patient account information.

    ·         Provide monthly report of patient contact information for all your accounts.

    ·         Quick data entry.

    ·         Verify benefits and eligibility.

    ·         Obtain initial precertification/preauthorization if required by the insurance company.

    ·         Provide patient contact information monthly report.

    ·         Provide benefit information to providers BEFORE first appointment.

    ·         Provide benefit information for patients before first appointment.  (Many times new patients when informed of their deductible, out of pocket expenses, decide they do not want to pay the amount owed to the provider.  We work to avoid this possibility and screen your potential new patients about their financial obligations before work begins.)

    ·         Bill your insurance companies electronically when possible.

    ·         Provide monthly managed care authorization reports informing you when it is time to do another treatment plan.

    ·         Do the follow-up on denied claims--keeping your collection rate as high as possible.

    ·         Bill monthly patient statements for amounts owed.

    ·         Monitor deductibles, co-pays/co-insurance, and all payments.

    ·         Update insurance benefit information as needed which can prevent unpaid claims.

    ·         Handle patient account inquiries.

    ·         Provide monthly aging report on your accounts.

    ·         Provide a monthly and yearly revenue report by patient name.

    ·         Coordinate patient payment plan when needed.

    How our service works for your practice:

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    We do the upfront work.

    We then check benefits and eligibility and coordinate with new patient regarding out-of-pocket expense.

    We then contact the provider, by confidential fax, benefits and eligibility information regarding new patient.

    Coordinate with new patient precetification/authorization equirements of their insurance plan.

    Next, create an account for new patient containing all demographic information, contact information, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

    Provider completes the log sheet with current patient activity and sends to us by confidential fax.

    We then submit your claims electronically for each date of service.

    Provider receives insurance payments along with an Explanation of Benefits and sends information to HP Billing Services, LLC by confidential fax.

    We do claims follow up and investigation when the need arises. Denials on EOBs are followed up promptly.

    After all charges and payments are entered into our system for your accounts, balance due invoices are mailed to your patients.

    Monthly provider reports are created.

    HP Billing Services, LLC does "soft" collection. We pay attention to your accounts and seek timely payment. We pay attention to your accounts!

    Coodinate patient payment plan requirements. We help get your patients on a payment plan if needed.

    Provide great communication with our providers.

    HP Billing Services, LLC also provides Practice Management Services.  Learn more.

    We also provide Additional Administrative Services. Learn more.

    Thank you for your interest in HP Billing Services, LLC. We are here to serve you on the front lines of the medical health field supporting your work as a dedicated medical health professional. Much paperwork, and other demands, takes away from the valuable work of helping patients find healing, improvement, and health in their lives. Learn more about our Medical Claims Services. Contact us.

    HP Billing Services, LLC

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    Business mailing address:

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    e-mail: information@hpbillingservices.com

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