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    HP Billing Services, LLC motto is: 'more time for your patients and the rest of your life.' We specialize in medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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    We serve a variety of health professionals with medical claims billing, additional administrative and practice management services.

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Practice Management Services
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    Evaluation of your practice:

    We visit your practice and do an analysis of patient flow from the beginning of services to the end. An organized, efficient, flow of work means you can put the focus on your practice and meeting the needs of your patients, while also meeting professional goals. We work with you to identify areas where the flow of patient service, billing, scheduling and follow-up is hindered in some way. Our input will help create efficient ways to make your practice flow smoothly, and efficiently, for both yourself and your patients, helping you to meet the goals of your practice.

    We bring an eye of how potential patients, and returning patients, experience your practice. Create today a practice meeting the needs of your patients, and your needs as a practitioner. Provide excellent service while meeting your bottom-line financial goals. In addition, experience professional satisfaction as a medical health professional because you make a valid difference in the lives of your patients.

    Patient intake:

    We analyze your practice from the moment a potential patient contacts your office for services. Whether you are a sole practitioner or have an office staff, we work with you to design a Patient Intake flow for your practice.

    We design the intake forms for your patients and create a process where your patients provide information necessary to smoothly facilitate the beginning of their care, scheduling, insurance billing, returning appointments, and follow-up.

    Office décor:

    Having someone with the eye of a potential patient is invaluable in creating an office environment appealing to the needs of your patients, yet fitting with your efficient work flow.

    Create a website:

    We work with you to design a website creatively expressing your valuable work as a medical health professional. Even today many medical health professionals do not have a website. Learn also how to optimize your website so prospective new patients can find you quickly on the first or second page of an Internet search. We will advise you on how patients can go to your secure website to pay either from their checking account or credit card. (This can be done before, during, or after a Date of Service.) There is so much we can do to maximize your practice. Stand out today as a medical health professional with vision and expertise. Find out today!

    For more information about our Practice Management Services please click here to Contact Us.

    Thank you for your interest in HP Billing Services, LLC. We are here to serve you on the front lines of the medical health field supporting your work as a dedicated medical health professional. Much paperwork, and other demands, take away from the valuable work of helping patients find healing, improvement, and health in their lives.

    HP Billing Services, LLC

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    Business mailing address:

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    e-mail: information@hpbillingservices.com


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